After the usual Saturday shopping I decided I needed to repair my Ute and my bike. I figured the best place to start was replacing my Clutch Master Cylinder, after 18 years of service it was no longer operating very well. Driving around wasn't so bad, but parking had become quite tricky. The weekend before I replaced the Slave cyclinder, which was leaking. However wasn't the cause of the issue. It was a pretty simple job to replace and Leish (My wife) helped me bleed the air out of the system. Which took longer than fitting it.

Clutch Master Cylinder

After taking the Ute for a test drive it was time to fix my loose wheel on my bike. I had dropped by the Local Bike Shop on Friday, to price up a replacement free hub. Only to find that it was unlikely that I'd be able to get one for the OEM rims that came with the bike and they'd have to take the wheel to the service centre to even find out. With that in mind I picked up a bigger set of Allen keys, which turned out to be not big enough to pull out the freehub, even though 10mm is what the Shimano freehubs take.

Dropping by an engineering supplies shop, I grabbed the only 11mm Allen key they head. Even the guy behind the counter was a little surprised that they even had one. Testing it was correct lead me to fixing the problem. All that was wrong was the freehub was loose.

11m Allen Key

So I stripped it all down, gave it all a clean and put it back together. Ready for another week of commuting. Hopefully in the not too distant future, I'll get me a pair of Mavik Aksiums. My boss has a pair with around 14,000k on them and had very little trouble, beyond some loose spokes (which I fixed with some loctite and a spoke spanner I keep in my desk at work).

Freehub - Axle - Cassete
Allen Keys
Tools Used
All Fixed

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