Shimano BB - 4500

For those that don't know me, I like to cycle. Though I do find it difficult to fit the time in, I find it really easy to make it part of my commute to work. Commuting however is pretty hard on your equipment. Especially if you're not afraid of a bit of water. (I'm not, not even horizontal rain!)

Another passion of mine is repairing things. Buying a complete replacement is always a last resort and it feels really wrong to pay someone to do something knowing full well that I'm more than capable of doing it myself.

I noticed earlier this week that my pedaling didn't feel all that smooth. Upon investigation I noted a small amount of play in my crank shaft. I decided it wasn't bad enough to not commute for the week, so I waited till this evening to strip it down. After stripping it all down and inspecting the bearings, I found the issue straight away. The drive side bearing had a lot of play in it and when rotating it, it felt very gritty. Off to the bike shop tomorrow to buy a replacement, I might even spring for an upgrade to a Dura Ace BB.

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