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Powershell + Windows Update

Jun 9 , 2015

Windows administration is part of my job that I don’t enjoy as much as linux, but it is still necessary. Though Windows is becoming less and less required, a lot of software still relies on it.

Microsoft to their credit are making an effort to shift people onto their new OS before it becomes another Windows XP situation (Released in 2001, 4 OS’ released in that time and it is still being used in a lot of places). However they seemed to have failed restricting the updates to Consumer machines only. (read more...)

WebService::Strava - A Strava API Perl Client

Aug 26 , 2014

Being a Cyclist and a Geek, I like to track things. Being a Sys Admin and a Programmer I also like this to happen in the most efficient manner possible. Insert Strava, which is basically a social networking platform for cyclists/runners/swimmers (I believe they’re adding more as well). Strava has an App for recording things or you can use any app or device that can output in one of the supported formats (GPX, FIT and TCX). (read more...)

Jira Automation + Copying Fields

Aug 4 , 2014

We heavily utilise Jira at my place of work and one of our non IT based departments use it in their business processes. It was chosen to replace a custom developed, unreliable .NET application and apart from minor bending to suit the processes Jira is an excellent replacement. It’s also far more reliable, far easier to keep up-to-date and runs on Linux!

In the latest update I had a chance to really push the new version of the Jira Automation Plugin, which is a free and open source plugin. Written by Atlassian to support their internal processes, It’s a little nugget of awesome that has really extended what we can do without writing bulk custom code. (read more...)

My Xperia Z broke itself!

Jul 29 , 2014

Mid June I was notified by Vodafone that I could transfer my Crazy John’s service and to sweeten the deal, I could upgrade early. I checked out what was available and the Xperia Z had the best specs and kept me on the same plan I had previously. The real big tick in Sony’s favour was the fact there was a factory supported unlocking method, the usual caveats apply but I’ll vote with my wallet every time (are you listening Samsung!).

I’m a massive gadget geek and I must admit I love my Xperia Z. The size is great, the screen resolution (1920x1080) is awesome, takes great photos for a phone and the cpu is nice and fast leaving me as a mostly hassle free CyanogenMod nightly build user.

However a week ago… :-(

Sony Xperia Z
(read more...)

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